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South Carolina Debate: Newt Gingrich Steals the Show

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The debate isn’t quite over but I’m pretty sure we have a clear winner. Newt Gingrich has definitely stolen the show tonight! From his battle with Juan Williams to the slightly arrogant “look at me I’m smart”, answers to questions about the economy he just seemed to have it all together tonight.

So who struggled the most? I kind of think everyone else did a mediocre job. Of the other four debaters, Ron Paul takes second place but he struggled quite a bit especially in the area of foreign policy. I personally think its sad that he was booed for his suggestion of applying the golden rule.

Rick Perry wanted to bring back the Gong but I’m pretty sure he would have been gonged before Paul.

I’m going to finish up watching the debate before I offer my full analysis.


Tired of Talking About Debt

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In preparing to update my blog I looked over my past posts. I realized most of them have been about our nations debt. Quite frankly I’m tired of talking about it. I know it’s a timely subject that everyone is talking about but I’m ready to focus on other things. My plan is to start posting about 2012 candidates though I’m sure they will all have plenty to say about our debt, the credit rating downgrade, and plans for the deficit so it seems I probably wont be able to escape the debt discussion anytime soon.

I still have no idea who I’m going to vote for in the primary’s which is weird. I normally already know by now.

I’m still against Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain. I almost certainly wont vote for Santorum or Perry. Gary Johnson I feel so-so about and I really like Ron Paul. I’m not sure where I stand on Mitt Romney.

The point of this post is to announce a new schedule for my blog. I plan to have themed days of the week so that perhaps I can get away from so much talk about the debt!

The following is the schedule I intend to follow

Media Monday (every monday)

  • Mondays will be all about the media. I’ll probably spew my hatred for Fox News a lot.

Tea Party Tuesday (every Tuesday)

  • No matter how you feel about them you can’t deny that they have had an impact on politics. They’ve had enough of an impact, that I think they need their own day.

Whitehouse Wednesday (every Wednesday)

  • Wednesdays will be dedicated to examining the Whitehouse and the people working there.


  • Thursdays will be dedicated to the 2012 race (I can’t come up with a catchy name)

Fiscal Friday (every other Friday)

  • Every other Friday we will talk about money which of course means more talk about the debt.

Free Speech Friday (every other Friday)

  • Every other Friday I plan to feature stories about people notably practicing their first amendment rights. If I can’t find a story to feature I’ll take the time to practice that right myself!


There may be times when I deviate from the schedule for “breaking news” but I think this schedule will help give this blog direction and focus.

As the Default Date Gets Closer Party Gaps are Getting Bigger.

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The mess in Washington is just getting bigger isn’t it? I’m at a complete loss for words right today as I read through all the news updates on the debt ceiling crisis.

It seems there are three groups pulling on things and keeping a deal from being reached. The Democrats, The Republicans, and the Tea Party. Now I know that the Tea party members are all Republicans but they are splitting a party that simply can’t afford to be split right now.

They are really starting to get under my skin too. I don’t understand why a party would advocate for something so detrimental as a government default. It is senseless if you ask me. I know that they want a balanced budget amendment and to be quite honest I’m could easily support a balanced budget amendment but folks we are six days away from default and a balanced budget amendment isn’t going to happen right now! It’s just NOT. Therefore forcing the country into default by voting against any bill that raises the debt ceiling no matter what kind of cuts it includes is childish.

That’s pretty much what I think of the tea party right now. They are acting like a bunch of stubborn children and someone needs to put them in their place.

I’m going to say this now (not that my writing really influences any of them), this party has to get together. We NEED to take back the White House in 2012 but it’s never going to happen if we stay this splintered.

I don’t even want to get started on the obvious split between the House and Senate right now. I really don’t think the Senate is even trying to help this situation. The House is voting tomorrow on a new debt plan but the Senate has already vowed to kill it. It’s making my stomach turn watching it all unfold.

If August 2 gets here and the government defaults I can tell you there will be chaos among the masses. People will get angry and scared that the support they count on from the government is going to stop and it’s gonna cause problems.

I am still holding out hope that a compromise will be reached but that hope wains with each passing day. It’s probably going to be a last-minute deal that doesn’t fix anything other than giving us a little extra time but at this point I would be happy to see that. I disagree with those in the Tea Party that think it would be good to force the government to default and cause a little chaos.

Obama on Debt Negotiations Boehner Left Him at the Altar… Again

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I’m really getting tired of the fact that we are not getting anywhere with these debt negotiations. Moments ago the story broke that Speaker Boehner walked away from debt talks with President Obama. Right now Obama is in a press conference telling us all about it. I want to hear from Boehner about why he walked away.  It’s time for the leaders to grow up and get things done.

There is now an 11:00 meeting tomorrow morning with Pelosi, Reid, McConnell, and Boehner so we’ll see what happens. They haven’t come up with an answer this far what makes Obama think they’ll have an answer in the morning?

I support the GOP but Boehner is starting to upset me. At some point both sides have to compromise a LOT to get this fixed.

Obama said at minimum we need to raise the debt ceiling. That tells me he is willing to just raise the debt ceiling? He doesn’t want to end up right where we are now in just a few months. If we only raise the debt ceiling that’s exactly what is going to happen!

Anyway I’m rambling. I’m going to finish listening to the press conference and then maybe I’ll post again. I’m just irritated with both sides of Congress at this point.

Herman Cain (Why I Can’t Support Him)

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Let me begin this post by stating that I am a PROUD supporter of the GOP. However I absolutely do not support Herman Cain. Earlier I wrote about my disdain for Michele Bachmann but at least I acknowledged her as a GOP candidate. I don’t even like to do that for Herman Cain. Hopefully after reading this post and the links I’ll provide you will feel the same way.

As you will hear me say time and time again, I do not like the religious right! It is the religious bigots, wing nuts, and whack jobs that give the conservative movement a bad reputation.

I understand the desire to have a God-fearing leader in the white house (believe me that’s what I want) but Herman Cain is a religious bigot to the core! This blog which I’ll be featuring in today’s blog roll later on hit the nail on the head.

Cain seems to always dig himself in deeper and deeper. He makes it obvious that he is anti-muslim and recently made the statement that Romneys religion is why he didn’t do well in the last election.

Don’t believe he is anti-muslim? How about some proof.

An article from Huffington Post said this,

“In March, Cain told reporters at a campaign event that if elected president, he would not appoint Muslims to his cabinet because of his belief that they would attempt to work Sharia law into the U.S. government. He later attempted to walk that statement back, saying “I am not anti-Muslim. I am anti-terrorist.”

1.) He is declaring to exclude a perfectly acceptable law abiding group of people from government.

2.) When he back tracked he is now showing his belief that all Muslims are terrorists!

3.) He tried to back track again by saying he would appoint any Muslim willing to disavow Sharia law. Hmm that doesn’t sound much like separation of church and state to me. That also sounds a little like a violation of the constitution.

4.) In this video, Cain said that he didn’t say he wouldn’t appoint a Muslim but he said he wouldn’t be comfortable with a Muslim in his cabinet. So, you’re saying you’ll appoint someone you aren’t comfortable with? That makes sense right? Then he said he would require an oath of loyalty before appointing a Muslim cabinet member.

Still don’t believe me?

He says that Americans have the right to block the building of Islamic centers in their communities. The last time I checked the people who wish to build the mosques are usually legal citizens of this country. On top of this, he tries to use the separation of church and state argument to back up his belief that Americans somehow have this right to infringe on the rights of other Americans. THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE!

I think from this alone it’s obvious that Cain is not fit to be President of the United States. If he is willing to exclude a group of people from government based on a misguided prejudice and support the violation of their constitutional rights as American citizens why would we want him in the White House?

Now why am I so reluctant to write about Cain and acknowledge his candidacy? It’s because if the GOP really wants to take back the White House we have GOT to distance ourselves from people like Cain. I said it earlier and I’ll say it again it is this type of candidate that gives our party a bad rap. It’s time to shun these types of candidates and gather around one strong center right candidate. Do I know who that candidate is yet? No but I know it’s NOT Herman Cain.



Preview of Thursdays Posts

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I’ve been meaning to post some new things all day long but I haven’t had time to finish any of them. Here is a preview of the posts that will be up tomorrow.

First I want to provide a bit of commentary on the Presidential Twitter Debate that took place today (well yesterday really). It seemed to go over quite well and while I wasn’t present for most of it I was able to go back and read all the tweets from the candidates.

Second, someone told me I didn’t include Herman Cain in my list of candidates on my 2012 Republican Roundup page. It’s not because I forgot so I’ll be explaining that later as well. For now just suffice to say I have a hard time even acknowledging him as a candidate.

Third I’ve got some expanded posts prepared on the other 2012 candidates and I’m going to shed some light on who I may be voting for in the primary.

Finally I’ve got some great things to say about some political bloggers I found on twitter so I’ll be introducing those and adding them to my blog roll. If you write a political blog or read one that you think is great post the link in the comments and I’ll check it out and add it to my blog roll!

I just wanted to throw out a quick update so folks wouldn’t think I forgot about this blog. It’s been a long day though so I’m going to log off for the night and watch a few episodes of Bones (I’m kinda obsessed with it at the moment).


Good night all, stay tuned and send your friends this way! Feedback is GREATLY appreciated!

First ever Presidential Debate on Twitter

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Today I will be participating in a GOP candidate debate on Twitter (as long as my boss ends our staff meeting early). Join us here! It should be really interesting. I’m a little disappointed because a few people like Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Jon Huntsman wont be participating however Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Newt Gingrich will all be taking part. I’m a big Gary Johnson fan and I’m looking forward to Bachmann making a fool of herself as usual!

I think that part of the reason the others aren’t participating is due to the fact that it is being hosted by a Tea Party movement.

Should be fun though!

Tune in to the website I linked above and watch it all unfold at 3:00 PM ET TODAY!