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South Carolina Debate: Newt Gingrich Steals the Show

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The debate isn’t quite over but I’m pretty sure we have a clear winner. Newt Gingrich has definitely stolen the show tonight! From his battle with Juan Williams to the slightly arrogant “look at me I’m smart”, answers to questions about the economy he just seemed to have it all together tonight.

So who struggled the most? I kind of think everyone else did a mediocre job. Of the other four debaters, Ron Paul takes second place but he struggled quite a bit especially in the area of foreign policy. I personally think its sad that he was booed for his suggestion of applying the golden rule.

Rick Perry wanted to bring back the Gong but I’m pretty sure he would have been gonged before Paul.

I’m going to finish up watching the debate before I offer my full analysis.


First ever Presidential Debate on Twitter

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Today I will be participating in a GOP candidate debate on Twitter (as long as my boss ends our staff meeting early). Join us here! It should be really interesting. I’m a little disappointed because a few people like Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, and Jon Huntsman wont be participating however Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson and Newt Gingrich will all be taking part. I’m a big Gary Johnson fan and I’m looking forward to Bachmann making a fool of herself as usual!

I think that part of the reason the others aren’t participating is due to the fact that it is being hosted by a Tea Party movement.

Should be fun though!

Tune in to the website I linked above and watch it all unfold at 3:00 PM ET TODAY!