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Tired of Talking About Debt

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In preparing to update my blog I looked over my past posts. I realized most of them have been about our nations debt. Quite frankly I’m tired of talking about it. I know it’s a timely subject that everyone is talking about but I’m ready to focus on other things. My plan is to start posting about 2012 candidates though I’m sure they will all have plenty to say about our debt, the credit rating downgrade, and plans for the deficit so it seems I probably wont be able to escape the debt discussion anytime soon.

I still have no idea who I’m going to vote for in the primary’s which is weird. I normally already know by now.

I’m still against Michelle Bachman and Herman Cain. I almost certainly wont vote for Santorum or Perry. Gary Johnson I feel so-so about and I really like Ron Paul. I’m not sure where I stand on Mitt Romney.

The point of this post is to announce a new schedule for my blog. I plan to have themed days of the week so that perhaps I can get away from so much talk about the debt!

The following is the schedule I intend to follow

Media Monday (every monday)

  • Mondays will be all about the media. I’ll probably spew my hatred for Fox News a lot.

Tea Party Tuesday (every Tuesday)

  • No matter how you feel about them you can’t deny that they have had an impact on politics. They’ve had enough of an impact, that I think they need their own day.

Whitehouse Wednesday (every Wednesday)

  • Wednesdays will be dedicated to examining the Whitehouse and the people working there.


  • Thursdays will be dedicated to the 2012 race (I can’t come up with a catchy name)

Fiscal Friday (every other Friday)

  • Every other Friday we will talk about money which of course means more talk about the debt.

Free Speech Friday (every other Friday)

  • Every other Friday I plan to feature stories about people notably practicing their first amendment rights. If I can’t find a story to feature I’ll take the time to practice that right myself!


There may be times when I deviate from the schedule for “breaking news” but I think this schedule will help give this blog direction and focus.

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After completing a degree in Political Science I am pursuing other academic interests. However I find myself missing the friendly banter and debate that was a part of the Political Science department.

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