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As the Default Date Gets Closer Party Gaps are Getting Bigger.

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The mess in Washington is just getting bigger isn’t it? I’m at a complete loss for words right today as I read through all the news updates on the debt ceiling crisis.

It seems there are three groups pulling on things and keeping a deal from being reached. The Democrats, The Republicans, and the Tea Party. Now I know that the Tea party members are all Republicans but they are splitting a party that simply can’t afford to be split right now.

They are really starting to get under my skin too. I don’t understand why a party would advocate for something so detrimental as a government default. It is senseless if you ask me. I know that they want a balanced budget amendment and to be quite honest I’m could easily support a balanced budget amendment but folks we are six days away from default and a balanced budget amendment isn’t going to happen right now! It’s just NOT. Therefore forcing the country into default by voting against any bill that raises the debt ceiling no matter what kind of cuts it includes is childish.

That’s pretty much what I think of the tea party right now. They are acting like a bunch of stubborn children and someone needs to put them in their place.

I’m going to say this now (not that my writing really influences any of them), this party has to get together. We NEED to take back the White House in 2012 but it’s never going to happen if we stay this splintered.

I don’t even want to get started on the obvious split between the House and Senate right now. I really don’t think the Senate is even trying to help this situation. The House is voting tomorrow on a new debt plan but the Senate has already vowed to kill it. It’s making my stomach turn watching it all unfold.

If August 2 gets here and the government defaults I can tell you there will be chaos among the masses. People will get angry and scared that the support they count on from the government is going to stop and it’s gonna cause problems.

I am still holding out hope that a compromise will be reached but that hope wains with each passing day. It’s probably going to be a last-minute deal that doesn’t fix anything other than giving us a little extra time but at this point I would be happy to see that. I disagree with those in the Tea Party that think it would be good to force the government to default and cause a little chaos.


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