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My take on the @140townhall Debate

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Yesterday afternoon, a group of GOP candidates came together on Twitter and participated in an all Twitter Presidential debate. When I first heard about it I was a bit skeptical. I figured there would be a lot of hiccups and that it wouldn’t flow well at all. However it actually flowed pretty well.

The biggest problem of course was the character limit. Trying to spread your message in 140 characters or less cannot be easy. The candidates adapted well though and while the speeches weren’t eloquent they basically got the point across.

The debate started with Opening statements by each candidate.

I think that Newt Gingrich and Gary Johnson gave the best opening statements because they were smart and linked to intro videos that carried more weight than the other opening statements. They also gave the most straightforward introductions. The others gave some over dramatic  statements about Obamacare threatening our very souls and dreams being crushed and so-on and so forth.

Herman Cain gave a pretty boring opening statement if I may say so.

The moderator asked general questions to all candidates and gave them five minutes to answer. Here some things became a bit hard to follow because of slow updates but it overall flowed smoothly.

There was not a lot of meat to the answers but again it’s hard to provide substance in 140 characters. Rick Santorum seemed to skirt around the questions and give some pretty indirect answers.

Overall in my opinion Gary Johnson gave the most straightforward answers and was able to fit the most into his 140 characters.

Rick Santorum and Thad McCotter gave the worst responses. They were flowery and lacked any substance at all.

Everyone else kinda floated in the middle.

One question everyone gave direct and straight answers to was whether or not they would have gone to Libya. They all said no (thank goodness).

If I were judging this debate I would certainly give the win to Gov. Gary Johnson.

I’m still disappointed that Huntsman, Romney, and Paul didn’t participate but perhaps they will in another one.

You can check out the entire debate here. After you check it out tell me what you thought about it!


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