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Ron Paul Money Bomb a success!

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Ron Paul hyped up his campaign today with a “Ready Ames Fire” MoneyBomb. Ron Paul supporters also organized a Ron Paul Twitter Bomb in an effort to get the keyword #ronpaul to trend on twitter. While the trend hasn’t happened yet it was amazing to watch a small group of people band together and make their voices heard. Ron Paul will trend on Twitter and he will trend in America.

People have asked my why I participated in the Money Bomb/Twitter Bomb if I haven’t decided who to vote for. My reasons are simple.

1.) I do admire Ron Paul and think he is a great man.

2.) I love grass-roots efforts for a worthy cause

3.) There is a good chance Ron Paul will be the one I give my vote to.

The MoneyBomb was a success and Ron Paul raised over half a million dollars today to boost his Iowa campaign.

I’m proud to have been a part of todays movement. Perhaps next time you will join in as well!


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After completing a degree in Political Science I am pursuing other academic interests. However I find myself missing the friendly banter and debate that was a part of the Political Science department.

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