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2012 Campaign and My Vote

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A lot of people who follow me on twitter probably think I’m a Die-hard Ron Paul fan. The fact is I like the guy but that doesn’t mean I’ll vote for him in the primaries. In fact I don’t know who I’m voting for yet. I’m taking part in the Ron Paul Twitter Bomb because I believe in the GOP and until I make my decision I will support the candidates that are out there. I’ve said it before but I will not be supporting Michele Bachmann.

My reasons for this are many and here are a few of them:

1.) I don’t like where she stands on social issues. Some would accuse me of being socially liberal and if that’s what you want to call it then so be it. You can see from the tagline of this blog that I hate the religious right and I believe that Michele Bachmann is a member of that group. You can see it in the way she speaks about Gay Marriage and then there is the talk of her clinics “therapy” measures to reform homosexuals.

I will not speak on this blog about where I stand on the issue because it doesn’t matter. The debate about gay marriage and gay rights does not need to center around religion but then again if there were no religious right then there would be no debate. I feel like the government is all about policy and it needs to stay that way. We don’t need a president crusading for God. Do I support a Christian president? Absolutely. I’m a Christian myself I just feel like we live by example not by forcing our faith down the throats of a nation. I will ALWAYS be for gay rights because I am for human/individual rights. What makes a gay individual somehow less deserving of the same rights and freedoms that I enjoy?

Ok enough with that little rant I’m sure my family is having a stroke right now

2.) I don’t think Bachmann can handle the Presidency. To be quite honest I’ve always thought Bachmann was a little “nuts”. Something about the way she carries herself screams ball of stress. Yesterday the Daily Caller tweeted the story that heavy stress incapacitates her.  I found it to be an interesting read and this morning CBS had picked up the story as well. I understand that the idea is to create controversy and doubt around opposition but over-all the articles were fairly objective in stating the facts. Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller writer who first tweeted the story was attacked by some Bachmann fans but he didn’t try to sling mud on Bachmann. The point is, I find myself agreeing with this article and if the stress of the campaign causes her to heavily medicate herself what will she be like as President? It’s a very scary thought. What’s even scarier is that today Bachmann narrowly surpassed Romney in some polls. The party seems pretty heavily split right now and we really need to band together behind one person, preferably NOT Michele Bachmann.

3.) This ties in to point 1 but the woman is a religious zealot on a Holy War to “pray away the gay” and do Gods work. Doing Gods work is all fine and well after all Christians are supposed to be about Gods Business. However its this type of religious wing-nut that will get us into a world of hurt if we put her in the white house. Not only does this go back to my point that we should shove faith down other people’s throats but in some cases the woman is downright insulting.

4.) This expands on point number two a bit but I really think the woman is just a little loony. She reminds me of a conspiracy theorist in some of the things she says. First she tried to cause a stir by saying that the Chinese were plotting to replace the dollar and that Obama wanted to get rid of the dollar as well. A discussion on a global currency is one thing but Bachmann twisted the situation.

Another of her loony moments is her quest to save the incandescent light bulb. That’s right folks while unofficially kicking off her campaign for the presidency in New Hampshire Bachmann made light bulbs a hot button issue, calling Thomas Edison “Patriotic” and declaring it the right of the people to buy whatever kind of light bulbs they want.

Then there is the fact that the woman was an IRS tax lawyer who is now an anti-tax Tea Party enthusiast. Contradictions much? I don’t buy it.

I could go on for pages but I’m trying to keep my posts fairly short and this is already longer than I intended. As I said in the beginning I will not be voting for Michele Bachmann in the primaries and I hope you don’t either.




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