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Thank You Giuliani!

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Giuliani to GOP on gay marriage: ‘Stay out of it’ – POLITICO Live –

This story has been at the top of CNN’s political ticker today as well as on numerous other news and politics sites.

I may be a proud Republican but I really do hate the religious right and the social agenda they seem to have.

Before you start bashing me for saying I hate Christians let me go on record as saying I am a Christian I just don’t think religious beliefs have any real place in a party’s political agenda and lets face it the issue of gay marriage is a purely social issue based in religion.

Let the states decide, or better yet let the individual decide what is best for them.

So again I say thank you Giuliani,  if only the rest of the Republican party saw it your way.


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After completing a degree in Political Science I am pursuing other academic interests. However I find myself missing the friendly banter and debate that was a part of the Political Science department.

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