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Where Do I Start?

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Let me just start by saying I’m a political junkie. I haven’t written about or voiced my opinion on politics in a little over a year. I took a different path academically so I’ve been focused on other things. That doesn’t mean I haven’t kept up with it all. Now that I’m jumping back into the wonderful world of politics the big question is, where do I start? Do I start with a hearty dose of opinion on debt ceiling fiasco or do I tell you where I stand on the 2012 candidates for president?

By the way I’m a Republican so if you thought this was a bipartisan political blog I apologize. I do however always examine everyone’s point of view. Do I have biases? Absolutely, who doesn’t? I just try to give everything a fair chance and I tend to always lean right after my examination of the facts. I’ve been accused of being a moderate but really I’m just right of the center line that everybody talks about. I find it very difficult to define the center line though and I generally accuse people who claim to be neutral of lying or being scared to pick sides. I have a co-worker who insists that he can always see and agree with both sides of every issue that comes up in the office and it’s really annoying. I may be willing to examine both sides but it is rare that I agree with both sides.

Anyway here’s a little more about me.

I listen to talk radio, I watch CNN, I despise Fox News (odd for a Republican I know), and I read a LOT of political blogs. I’ll link some of my favorites later.

I’m 25 years old and I hold a BA in Political Science and I would like to pursue a PhD in the field someday. I grew up in a home where politics was not a part dinner conversation and in fact until a few years ago I don’t think anyone in my household voted. I’m not sure where I got my love of politics. It’s possible that some of it came from my grandmother even though she was a die-hard Democrat until the day she did. I can remember taunting her when Gore lost the election in 2000 and almost dying because of it.

I started this blog because  I desperately need a place dedicated to the side of me that loves all things political. You can bet that I will rant when the Democrats tick me off but I’ll rant even louder when my own team does it. I’ll talk about everything from the upcoming race for the presidency to happenings overseas. I’ll throw in a little political theory just for the fun of it as well. I welcome all comments, likes, links, and shares that you have to offer. I’ll respond to your comments whether they be in agreement of my opinion or not. I only ask that you keep the comments civilized and free of things that would offend your mother because my mother and other family will undoubtedly read this and I would appreciate not getting phone calls about my inappropriate blogging habits.


About Yvonne

After completing a degree in Political Science I am pursuing other academic interests. However I find myself missing the friendly banter and debate that was a part of the Political Science department.

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