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Middle Ground Politics has Moved!

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I have launched into a full fledged website and am now located at Check us out!


SC Debate: Ron Paul Answers Most

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If the winner of the debate were to be decided based on whether or not they answered or dodged their questions, Ron Paul would have won without a doubt and Mitt Romney would be dead last. The problem is Ron Paul answered the questions he just didn’t always answer them to the liking of the people. I am a strong Ron Paul supporter but I definitely recognize that he struggled a bit with the crowd especially during the Foreign Policy segment. All I have to say is, at least he didn’t dodge the questions like Gov. Romney did.

SC Debate: Rick Perry too little too late

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Rick Perry didn’t do too badly tonight. In fact, some would say he performed quite well. Unfortunately (I would say fortunately) this performance may have come just a little too late in his candidacy. He had a few good sound bytes and they could boost his performance in South Carolina but all in all he couldn’t outshine Newt Gingrich or Ron Paul

SC Debate: Newt Gingrich Gets a Standing Ovation.

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Frank Luntz says that for the first time in his 16 years of debate attendance a candidate receives a standing ovation in the middle of a debate. I for one would have been standing right along with everyone else in the audience at the South Carolina debate. Newt Gingrich really hit it home in his battle with Juan Williams on the issue of welfare. It almost seemed that Juan was appalled at the idea that we would ask an unemployed African-American to get a job instead of living off the system. Will I be voting for Newt Gingrich? Absolutely not. However I support his stance on this issue wholeheartedly. Newt Gingrich said look there are ways to get these people jobs now let’s do it. I realize I am totally paraphrasing but until I get a transcript I can’t give you the exact phrasing. He’s got the right idea and he definitely deserved a standing ovation on that issue.

South Carolina Debate: Newt Gingrich Steals the Show

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The debate isn’t quite over but I’m pretty sure we have a clear winner. Newt Gingrich has definitely stolen the show tonight! From his battle with Juan Williams to the slightly arrogant “look at me I’m smart”, answers to questions about the economy he just seemed to have it all together tonight.

So who struggled the most? I kind of think everyone else did a mediocre job. Of the other four debaters, Ron Paul takes second place but he struggled quite a bit especially in the area of foreign policy. I personally think its sad that he was booed for his suggestion of applying the golden rule.

Rick Perry wanted to bring back the Gong but I’m pretty sure he would have been gonged before Paul.

I’m going to finish up watching the debate before I offer my full analysis.

Media Monday: If Newt were an Animal

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I’m actually writing this post late on Sunday night but it’s 3 minutes til midnight so it will post on Monday thus falling under the Media Monday category. This article is inspired by Newt Gingrich’s appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight.

If Newt Gingrich were an animal he apparently would be an elephant. What does this have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing other than the fact that someone in some town hosted a zoo rally for Newt Gingrich. This brings me to my fundamental issue with the talking heads and celebrity news figures that “report” on the election. These people never address the important issues. They ask cute questions and generic questions but they don’t dig deep and figure out what makes a candidate tick. I realize that a lot of time the candidates make it hard with their prepped answers and incredible talent at beating around the bush but sometimes I feel like these media guys never even try. They ask about the scandals and they talk about what the candidates want to talk about but it just seems like they don’t report on the issues. They don’t tell the public what they need to know in order to make an informed decision regarding the election. It’s difficult to make a decision based on 30 second ads and 3 minute interview segments.

These people often ask the first question right, as in “what would you do about ___________ as president” but it seems like they always miss the second part of that which is HOW they plan to do it.

Yes ladies and gentlemen the media frustrates me.

Some days I feel like I get more off of twitter than I do the journalists. Who do you pay attention to in the news? Who is it that you feel is the most informative talking head or news celebrity?

Honestly I don’t care that Newt would be an Elephant if he were an animal. I want to know what he’s going to do as president and how he plans to do it.

My 2012 quests

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2012 offers the opportunity for a new path for America. The choice of course is up to us. We can re-elect Barack Obama, a man who seemingly has no idea what he is doing or we can choose a new leader. However if we choose a new leader (which we should) we must be careful not to choose someone just like our current leader.

This brings me to my quests for the year 2012

Now I have a lot of quests and goals (I don’t do resolutions) for the year but I’m going to stick with the political ones.

First and foremost I want to defeat Obama. Of course I understand that I cannot do this personally. However I can join the fight to make sure that he is a one term president.

Secondly I have come to the conclusion that in order to defeat Obama, Mitt Romney must also be defeated. He is not going to bring any change to the white house. He will bring us at least four more years of destruction. As if 5 trillion in debt isn’t enough destruction already. I try not to base my opinions of people on sound bytes. I have a degree in political science so I know better than that. However, after some research there is one sound byte that I have to say sealed the deal for me. Romney said that in order for there to be a thriving economy a lot of people would suffer. Romney will only increase the class warfare that Obama has seemed to start. But that’s whole different can of worms which I’ll be talking about at the ArkPSA (Arkansas Political Science Association) conference in February.

My third goal is to help Ron Paul get elected. He is the man of the hour and I truly believe he is the only candidate that can defeat both Romney and Obama. Yes he is radical but folks let me tell you we need someone like him to get us away from the super far left and the crazy religious right.

Finally, It is my quest to get as many people involved in the 2012 election as possible. I am encouraging everyone I meet to let their voices be heard. Join a rally, volunteer to make phone calls for your candidate, take back your country! Ron Paul has it right, the time to restore America is NOW.